Cyber Terrorism In Mobile Ecosystem – A Legal Viewpoint

Today, cyberspace and mobile ecosystems have all increasingly gained centre-stage attention in our day-to-day lives. Internet has become so critical for our daily lives that it is becoming increasingly difficult to perceive life without Internet. Consequently cyberspace has become now the fertile ground for various kinds of prejudicial and criminal activities, including cyber terrorism.

With nation states and other players increasingly understanding the significance of cyber terrorism, it is but natural that cyber terrorism will continue to be extremely important in the times to come. More and more terrorists are today using the mobile ecosystem along with Internet so as to not only give effect to their designs but also to ensure that the sovereign and mobile interests of sovereign nations are prejudicially impacted.

This eBook “Cyber Terrorism in Mobile Ecosystem – A Legal Viewpoint” examines the legal, policy and regulatory issues facing cyber terrorism in the mobile ecosystem. This eBook not only gives the definition of cyber terrorism, but also seeks to examine the existing legal position in different national jurisdictions pertaining to cyber terrorism.

This eBook further seeks to examine the position as to how legal jurisprudence has tried to address the complicated legal and policy related issues concerning cyber terrorism in the mobile ecosystem in the following jurisdictions:







Further, this eBook also seeks to analyze the position as to how the entire issue pertaining to cyber terrorism is also sought to be addressed by various international instruments. The combination of cyber terrorism and the mobile ecosystem is likely to throw up various new legal, policy and regulatory issues which will have to be appropriately addressed by the relevant nation states, as they proceed forward.

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