Confidential Information On Mobiles – Some Legal Issues

Mobiles are now the preferred mode of communication. Companies are increasingly relying upon mobile phones for doing business and also for interacting with their employees, customers, clients. However, because mobility is now the name of the game, companies are increasingly giving access to various kinds of corporate confidential information to employees on their mobile devices. This is invariably being done so as to increase efficiency and productivity.

However, the advent of mobility and mobile devices has ensured a number of legal, regulatory and policy issues when it comes to use and access of confidential information through mobile devices and communication devices. What are these challenges concerning confidential information on mobiles? How can confidential information in the mobile ecosystem be appropriately protected? What is the approach that the law needs to take? These and variety of other issues have been sought to be addressed by the present eBook.

This eBook “Confidential Information on Mobiles – Some Legal issues” has taken the illustration of the Indian jurisprudence as an example. This is so because of the huge adoption of mobile phones in India. Further, the said eBook examines the manner in which the Indian Cyberlaw deals with the issue of misuse of confidential information on mobile devices. It further examines the position on the subject at hand in the USA in this regard. This eBook further elaborates on the various legal challenges facing the ever important issue of preserving confidentiality in the mobile ecosystem.

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