Dr. Mahesh Uppal

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Dr Mahesh Uppal is the Director of Com First (India), a niche consultancy company based in Delhi that specializes in policy, regulation and strategy. He obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and later, an MA in Communication Policy Studies from City University, London.  He has carried out academic research in several major universities in India and United Kingdom including Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Sussex and Cambridge University.

Uppal has over 20 years of consulting experience in telecommunications- in both, its roles as a major industry and utility as well as a tool to deliver national development, productivity and competitiveness. He has been actively involved in the sector since the formative years of regulation and competition.  He contributed extensively to setting up of India’s regulatory body for telecommunications.  

Uppal frequently advises major national and global corporations, industry associations, international development agencies as well as government and civil society organizations.  He has also been a resource for trade unions and political parties.  He has spoken in several major academic and other institutions, as well as at national and international conferences. He has also contributed through membership of various committees and expert panels.

He has also contributed to most major issues and debates in India’s communications sector. These include advice and reports on licensing, spectrum, competition, rural communications, internet governance etc. His articles and comments appear regularly in most mainstream media major newspapers and magazines. He is routinely invited to comment on telecommunications and related issues by radio and television, in national and international media.